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Introduction About Climate Change & GCF Program Registration Document Library
Welcome Message
Incheon Metropolitan City Yeonsu-gu SMCOP Secretariat

Dear future generations!

Humans have always dreamed about a better tomorrow and endeavored to achieve a better future. As a result of our effort, we are living in the world of material wealth at the expense of climate change, calamity, desertification and so on leading the survival of mankind to danger.
With this conundrum unsolved, this tragedy of not being able to pass the earth in present condition down to our descendants could become a reality.

Climate change has become the top priority among all challenges that will impact the international politics, economy and industry in general.

Even though the international society has struggled in various ways to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere and restore our earth, the effect has been scarce and we are still exposed to the climate change damage.

Incheon Metropolitan City hosted the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Secretariat, which is touted as the World Bank in environmental field in order to assist the developing countries in adapting and mitigating the effects of green house gas to counter climate change.

As the new home of GCF Secretariat, Incheon metropolitan city could take this opportunity to contribute to the humankind by resolving the climate change issue, which would eventually elevate the Incheon's international status.

Furthermore,「SONGDO 2013 Model Climate Change Conference of Parties」on the subject "Climate Change: Long-term Targets and Commitments" will be held in November 2013, with the participation of students from all around the world.

I hope you, participants of the「SONGDO 2013 Model Climate Change Conference of Parties」, will be dealing with the national benefits, environmental problems at a "mutual" perspective with a sense of duty, initiative and creativity.

I believe this conference will be a harmonious forum for a place for exchanging thoughts between young talents all around the world and also a great opportunity to seek tactical ways to resolve climate change issues and cultivate characteristics to become global leaders.

I will be looking forward to your full attention and participation.
Thank you.
Mayor of Inchoen Metropolitan City,
Young-gil Song
Mayor of Inchoen Metropolitan City,
Young-gil Song