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Introduction About Climate Change & GCF Program Registration Document Library
Welcome Message
Incheon Metropolitan City Yeonsu-gu SMCOP Secretariat
Glaciers all over the world are melting away at a surprisingly high speed. The arctic permafrost in Alaska, Siberia and many other places are defrosting. The sea level is continuously on the rise and some island countriesarein danger of submergence. All clearly showsclimate changes are taking place everywhere in the world.

We have reached the limitation beyond the capacity of the earth's recuperative powers after a string of reckless destructing and abusing natural resources for the sake of an economic development and convenience of humankind. Calamity is already here with us due to the ever worsening climate anomaly, spread of diseases, shortage of foods, energy related problems, and climate changes. Thus, all countries must face the reality encountered with the climate change and deliberate and cooperate together to reduceand adapt the effects derivedfrom the climate change.

At such a time, the establishment of the GCF headquarters in Songdo, Incheon City in 2012 has a significant meaning. Hereafter, GCF hopes to play various roles as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the changing climate with UNFCCC. Yeonsu-Gu in Incheon, as the host city for GCF secretariat will do whatever it takes to solve the climate changing problems. As part of our effort,we will be holding SONGDO2013 Model Conference of Parties for UN Climate Change. For whom who will be responsible for the future of our earth, this opportunity will be able to provide you with the meaningful time to acknowledge about the climate change and GCF, and to discuss and share ideas by being put in different positions of each nation to draw a final resolution.

SONGDO 2013 MCOP will shape the UNFCCC's COP accordingly in the hope of making contributions to the sustainable development and co-prosperity of the world in the future. We believe SONGDO 2013 MCOP will be a cornerstone for the successful development of GCF and cultivation of global green leaders. Therefore, we would like to invite all of you to be part of seeking solutions for the future of our earth and make precious memories.

We hope for your great interest and participationin SONGDO 2013 MCOP.
Thank you.
The Head of Yeonsu-Gu,Nam-SeokKo
The Head of Yeonsu-Gu,